Saturday 8 November 2014

Living Astrologically: Neptune going direct 2014

Neptune is about to go direct on 16th June at 4 degrees 47 minutes Pisces, having been in retrograde motion since 10th June at 7 degrees 35 minutes.

It's hovering over my Mars at the moment, so I'll be glad to see the back of that!  I have the tendency to procrastinate anyway so you can imagine how much I love this transit (not!).  However, every transit is here to take us one step closer to our solar goal.  Neptune is often described as blurring your boundaries.  I personally see it as a flood, washing over my rigid, pre-existing boundaries, as depicted by my Sun oppose Saturn.  I am a perfectionist and this Neptune transit, so far, has been slowly drowning the Perfectionist in me.  It all began last year when I first experienced a family constellation session and tried hypnotherapy too (transiting Jupiter was in my 12th house then, it was certainly an expansive journey for me as I ventured down into my subconscious realm).  A year on, I have now completed my hypnotherapy training and got myself absolutely hooked on family constellation.  My subconscious is getting a good old clean, just like Hercules cleaning out the Augean stables.  With Neptune just leaving my natal Mars and approaching my South Node and Sun, I know the cleansing of my stable has only just begun.....

That's my personal experience of the current Neptune transit, here's a great article on Neptune going direct in Pisces in general (  It's written so well that there's no need for me to repeat the points here (I'm still under the Neptune conjunct Mars influence after all....)

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