Saturday 29 November 2014

Your Celestial Team

In astrology, the Sun represents our sense of identity, vitality and will.  I like to think of it as the CEO in a company.  In an organisation, the CEO needs a team of workers to support him in order to take the company forward.  The boss could hire capable individuals to join his enterprise.  That's all very well if the team of subordinates are working harmoniously.  However, if the co-workers do not get along with one another, that will impede the progress and affect the overall performance of the company.

In a birth chart, the Sun symbolises our solar quest, that is, what we are meant to achieve in this lifetime.  As this is a mammoth task, it cannot be done alone, so we have a team of heavenly bodies to assist the Sun on this life journey.   These team members include the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter etc....  Individually, some may be exceptionally placed in supposedly more favourable placements, e.g. Sun in Leo (dignity), Moon in Taurus (exaltation) etc, but if among the team members, they do not get along with one another, due to one agenda or another, e.g. Sun square Moon, then we have a problem.  In order to tap into the energy offered by each planet, effort needs to be made in order to release the full potential being locked up within various challenging aspects.

Take a look at your chart and see which celestial members need to work out their differences before their potential can be released for the good of the 'company'.

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  1. My Sun in Cancer is opposite to my Saturn in Aquarius and squaring my rising in Scorpio...xD

    At least my Sun is in trine with my Moon and my Pluto in Scorpio...xD

    1. How does the Sun oppose Saturn manifests itself in your life Joshua? For me,I had a strict upbringing, but as I was an obedient child, I didn't have any problems with that.


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