Saturday 17 November 2012

Mars in Capricorn; Venus in Scorpio 2012

Cosmic Potential Mars in Capricorn Venus in Scorpio 2012
Mars enters Capricorn on 17th November at 02:36 (GMT).  

Act in an ambitious and disciplined way.  

Be organised and plan ahead.  

Like a mountain goat, have the courage and stamina to climb up the mountain by putting down one step in front of the other, surely and steadily.

During the approximately 5-week period, Mars will tighten its conjunction to Pluto by 26th/27th November, thus energises the existing Uranus-Pluto square.  Governments and organisations (Pluto conjunct Mars) may fight back by presenting concrete evidence (e.g. documents, statistics) to support its previous decisions, and this is likely to be met with more anger by the people (Uranus in Aries conjunct Moon on 23rd/24th November).  

Mars is also in mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio.  Mars will tighten its sextile to Saturn around 25/26th November. Lessons being presented, however hard, can act like fuel to eliminate crap from the system. This can free up some space on the psychological terrain, allowing something new to take its place.  However, with Mars in Capricorn, there is no need to rush, plan first; even though Mercury is due to go direct around 26/27th November, it is still within the shadow period until 14th December.

Just to add to the astrological cauldron, Venus enters into Scorpio on 22nd November and will tighten its conjunction with Saturn around 26/27th November.  Maybe it's time to let go of some deeply-held values that are not serving you anymore (Saturn conjunct Venus in Scorpio trine Chiron), or to remove yourself from any unhealthy relationships.  

We have quite an intense mix as we approach the end of November...

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