Tuesday 27 November 2012

So long, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio...

Cosmic Potential Mercury retrograde Scorpio 2012
Mercury goes retrograde three times a year, and every time, my friend Flo would dread its approach and complain during its backward motion.

Admittedly, I have been quite fortunate, in that, the usual hiccups associated with Mercury retrograde had been keeping its distance from me.  This is largely due to the lack of aspects it makes to my natal chart.

Not this time.

Transiting my 4th house, retrograding Mercury conjunct my Uranus oppose Moon. The past month (include the shadow phase from 18th October 2012) has been an intensive lesson for me emotionally.  My emotions have been taken on a roller coaster ride.  I'm glad that since the early hours of today (Hong Kong time), Mercury has finally resumed its forward motion.  However, we're not out of the woods until 14th December.

For me, I also have Saturn transiting my 4th house.  It conjunct my IC around the time when Mercury entered its shadow phase.  It is now approaching a T-Square to my ASC-DSC axis as we head towards the lunar eclipse in Gemini (which, luckily, makes a sextile to my ASC).  I do feel emotionally challenged, dealing with family matters, and also, reacquainting with all those deep and dark emotions I have long shoved to the back of my mental cupboard.  While dealing with these negative emotions, I had a temporary shock on realisation that I didn't loathe them at all - does that make me a bad person?  No, at least, I don't think so.  It makes me more aware of my tendency to use my head to analyse my feelings and emotions - something I didn't think I had been doing (since I'm a water-earth individual).  I become conscious of using the aloof Uranus (oppose my Moon) to help get a grip on my fluctuating feelings.

I welcome the direct motion of Mercury with open arms;  it is as if the fog finally clears, taking away my mental confusion.  The lunar eclipse in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is likely to give us some guidance on our present projects - what needs tweaking?  Hidden information may also come to light.

With Venus conjunct Saturn exactly around the middle of this week (week beginning 26th November 2012) sextile the Mars-Pluto conjunction, we may experience the need to be in charge of a situation.  The Venus-Saturn conjunction also trine the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, allowing us to realise and appreciate that there are matters which are beyond our control and we should consider letting go and permit the Universe to intervene instead.

By the way, if you feel you haven't sussed out the lesson behind this Scorpionic/Sagittarian Mercury retrograde, don't worry, we have another one (completely in Scorpio this time) next October-November (2013)......

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